Our Firm

Our History and Mission
With the mission to create a firm that provided high-quality legal representation at an affordable cost, our principals and the majority of our staff left one of the largest law firms in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to formulate what is now known today as Delany & O’Brien. In order to achieve this goal, we drew upon our big firm experience to create a small, personalized, service-oriented firm.

Trial Attorneys and Paralegals
Our attorneys are trial attorneys – lawyers who have tried cases to a conclusion, not just litigators. This experience enables us to provide our clients with counsel who sets litigation goals and objectives upon receipt of the file, devise and implement a litigation/settlement strategy to ensure those identified goals are obtained, and set a realistic budget for achieving those goals. Having this information in the early stages of litigation enables the in-house counsel/claims specialist to set litigation budgets, set reserves properly, evaluate the option to litigate vs. settle early, and control the litigation as opposed to being reactive. Our paralegals are very experienced in their fields of practice and are assigned to specific litigation teams. This team approach creates consistency and dependability in obtaining cost-effective results.

Our Approach
Through careful and prompt evaluation, we ensure that the right litigation team is matched to the right client and files. A senior person experienced in the issues of the case guides the litigation on a day-to-day basis and the individual with the lowest billable rate performs tasks whenever appropriate. Delany & O’Brien internally audits files to ensure that quality is never compromised.

Our Commitment To Reducing Your Bottom Line
We have tailored billing structures to meet our client’s needs such as legal budget caps per file, fee schedules per task, case litigation, result discount/enhancement billing, percentage discount/volume billing, retainer billing discount, and other creative billing methods.