Areas of Practice

Construction/Industrial Personal Injury Claims

1. Construction/Industrial Personal Injury Claims:

We have represented construction companies in various types of projects, including: bridge, heavy highway and tunnels, public infrastructure, redevelopment zones, commercial and industrial, high rise (offices, retail and residential), home builders and specialist projects (petrochemical plants, co-generation facilities, et cetera). Please consider some of the contractors that we have represented: Berlin Steel, PMK Marks, Intech Construction, Inc., Hunt Construction, Barr and Barr, Yonkers Contracting Company, Joseph B. Fay Company, The Skanska Companies, Suffolk Construction, Conti Group, Oscar J. Boldt, Marcel, Combustion Engineering, High Concrete, American Infrastructure, IMC, Intech Construction, Inc., Torcon, Inc., Vollers Excavating & Construction, Inc., Toll Brothers and many more.

We have a Catastrophic Loss First Response Team for construction and industrial claims, and we are typically one of the first responders on site within hours of a major incident. We bring our experience to the scene and quarterback the handling of OSHA, governmental/administrative/criminal and semi-internal investigations; retention of experts; preservation of evidence; and statements given to the press. We also implement other proactive remedial measures to help control potential exposure. We represent builders, developers, property management firms, contractors and building product manufacturers in construction defect litigation. We were the first firm nationally to publish and speak on indoor air quality (IAQ) and mold claims (Environmental Claims Managers Association 1994, Reno; the first Mealey’s Emerging Toxic Torts Conference; and the first Mealey’s IAQ, vapor intrusion, building product off-gassing and mold seminars). In addition, Jack Delany authored the New Jersey section of DRI Construction Litigation Desk Reference 2010; and DRI For The Defense Journal articles,: August 2011, “Protecting Your Client in the Wake of Catastrophe.”

Products, Toxic, Environmental and Mass Tort Litigation

2. Products, Toxic, Environmental and Mass Tort Litigation:

We have represented the following entities in products liability litigation: LG Electronics, Daido Steel (Japan), Delta Saw, Rockwell Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Labconco, Deacon, Fugitek, Resillo Press Pad, Sasol, EB Papst, Valero, United Technologies, Otis Elevator Company, Sikorsky, UTC Fire & Security (Kidde), Pittsburgh Metal Purifying Company, Bull Dog Rack Systems, United Gilsonite Laboratories, Cocoa Services, Inc., High Concrete Structures, Reinforced Earth, Campbell Soup, National Semiconductor, Raymond Industries and, Regent Lighting. From this sampling, you can see that we have represented manufacturers in consumer, industrial/worksite, food industry, manufacturing/processing, bio-orthopedic, building, electronic, computer, chemical/gas and other mass consumer-related products litigation.

Jack Delany has been involved in Asbestos/Toxic Tort Litigation for 27 years. He has tried to conclusion federal and state jury trials for a multitude of companies. He has acted as National Coordinate Counsel, Regional Counsel and Lead Trial Counsel. Clients he has represented include: Pittsburgh Metal Products, Steel Grip Corp., United Gilsonite Laboratories, American Clay, Northrop Grumman, Gentex, Labconco, Basic, Inc., Combustion Engineering, Straub Motors, Resillo Press Pad, Wharton Hardware, R&I and many more. He has developed, tailored and implemented litigation strategies to fit clients with diverse interests and varying objectives in the litigation. He has handled typical exposure cases as well as very unusual exposures in emotionally charged matters. Jack has also successfully handled the most complicated property damage cases in the Country.

Partner Kristen Worley’s asbestos experience started in the early days of asbestos litigation when she represented Eagle Pitcher and Riggs Distler. Our other attorneys and paralegals have been intimately involved in asbestos litigation for 15-plus years.

In addition to asbestos, we have tried to conclusion toxic tort claims for mold, IAQ, latex, childhood lead exposure, adult lead exposure, multiple chemical sensitivity, chemical exposures, catastrophic/acute exposures to toxic gases, liquids, particulate and solvents, carbon monoxide and controlled/regulated substance.

We have been involved in all aspects of public and private environmental claims and sudden/prolonged accidental release claims in the Federal and State Courts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. We have represented manufacturers; suppliers; property owners; processors; oil companies; “generators, haulers and transporters; and ” chemical, paint, solvent, oil, drilling and gas companies.

Fire Loss Casualty

3. Fire Loss Casualty:

We have represented product manufacturers, contractors, fire suppression/detection/response companies, building owners, appliance manufacturers and suppliers/distributors in fire loss claims involving multiple deaths, injuries, property damage, loss of use and business interruption. Our Catastrophic Loss First Response Team proactively investigates fire claims (cause-and-origin and fire science experts, pathologists, toxicologists, and “at issue”- specific engineers).

We have on-call digital preservation and documentation specialists with state-of-the- art equipment (for fire modeling and reconstruction), as well as NFPA, ASTM and ANSI evidence collection and preservation specialists. We have handled business interruption claims on food-processing plants (Campbell Soup, Mrs. Paul’s, Pepperidge Farm), explosions at refineries and construction sites, mall fires and individual house fires resulting in singular and multiple deaths as well as horrific burns. Our trial teams have been very effective in developing and implementing aggressive, creative and proactive litigation strategies to achieve our clients’ objectives.


4. Auto/Transportation:

We presently handle all aspects of auto and transportation claims for a multitude of carriers, including Allstate Insurance Company, Palisades Safety & Insurance Association, Travelers, Knightbrook, Gallagher Bassett, Progressive, Kingsway, Atlantic Risk Management and other entities. Our four strategically located offices provide many of the trucking companies we represent with a seamless defense in one of the busiest transportation corridors in the United States. We also represent emergency response companies, public transportation authorities (SEPTA, Amtrak), regional rail lines, port authorities (Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, Atlantic City Tunnel) and other transportation entities.

General Liability, Homeowners, and Premise Liability

5. General Liability, Homeowners, and Premise Liability:

We represent numerous retail businesses, property management companies, property owners, homeowners, industrial, retail establishments and other entities in general liability associated with their businesses. These entities range from “mom and pop” retail shops, garages, and restaurants to national chains such as TGIFriday, Red Lobster, Pepperidge Farm, Best Buy and Campbell Soup as well as country clubs and major developers and builders (Toll Brothers, Inc., David Weekly Homes, Mack Cali and Cutler Properties) and property management companies (LPC, SSH Management, Bergman Real Estate Group and Colwick Venture, LLC).

Public Entity Liability

6. Public Entity Liability:

We have represented local municipalities, political tort subdivisions, commonwealth agencies, quasi-governmental agencies, public educational institutions, development authorities, port authorities, transportation authorities, transportation entities, police forces and quasi-police forces in all areas of public liability claims. Jack Delany was a former in-house counsel for The Philadelphia Housing Authority.

High-Risk and Ultra-Hazardous Claims

7. Specialty, High-Risk and Ultra-Hazardous Claims:

We have handled litigation for a varied group of entities in the hospitality, security, sports and recreation, digital/internet, marketing/advertising, demolition/explosion, entertainment/event management, and dietary and supplement industries. We have represented race organizers, camps, swimming pool associations, talent agencies, horse farms, event organizers, fraternities and sororities, national associations (American Legion, Girl Scouts, USA) and extreme sport companies in wrongful death and survival and serious injury claims.

Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Litigation

8. Medical Malpractice and Nursing Home Litigation:

The Medical Malpractice group is comprised of experienced attorneys specializing in the defense of professional malpractice suits for individual medical providers, healthcare facilities and hospitals. Attorneys in this group are experienced in the resolution of catastrophic, high value, and complex medical cases both in and out of court, against some of the most formidable adversaries in the region.

Our first priority is to provide exceptional service, from one professional to another. We recognize that being sued in a lawsuit can be extremely stressful without a trusted counselor who has already navigated these types of legal obstacles.

Delany Law attorneys have successfully defended physicians, nurses and other medical providers, as well as hospitals and healthcare practice groups, against malpractice claims in a broad range of specialties including but not limited to surgery, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, radiology, podiatry, primary care, infectious disease, pediatrics, anesthesia, pulmonology, dentistry, psychiatry, nursing, and physical therapy. We are also equipped to handle medical board investigations, disciplinary hearings and pre-suit adverse occurrence management.

The Medical Malpractice group also has extensive experience in defending high stakes claims involving nursing home facilities.  We are familiar with all of the complex Federal and State Statutes and Codes affecting Long Term Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes (acute and subacute) and other rehabilitation centers. Defending allegations of falls, decubitus ulcers, malnutrition, medication errors, and abuse and neglect requires counsel with specialized knowledge of the industry, in order to avoid the harsh penalties that are available under the statutes including fee-shifting and enhanced damages.

Our firm is uniquely suited to offer related services including premises liability, related general liability matters, and employment legal services.  Our team of healthcare attorneys has regularly lectured clients, physician and nursing organizations, and other lawyers about legal developments and risk management advice.